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As the new water services regulator for Aotearoa New Zealand, we are committed to ensuring all communities receive safe drinking water every day. The documents we’re consulting on will inform our regulatory approach. This is the first of many consultations.

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Taumata Arowai is not part of the Three Waters Reform programme looking to create new publicly owned water entities. Our role is to regulate rather than determine future changes to the delivery of water services.

The proposed documents we are consulting on relate to our regulatory role under the Water Services Act 2021. They are targeted at drinking water suppliers and contain technical content that will guide the way drinking water is supplied safely to people in Aotearoa. We’re currently seeking feedback on the following:

• Drinking Water Standards
• Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules
• Drinking Water Aesthetic Values
• Drinking Water Acceptable Solution for Roof Water Supplies
• Drinking Water Acceptable Solution for Spring and Bore Water Supplies
• Drinking Water Acceptable Solution for Rural Agricultural Water Supplies
• Drinking Water Network Environmental Performance Measures

We’ve developed these documents in collaboration with sector reference groups from various drinking water supply types from across Aotearoa, along with international experts. The reference groups included representatives from Māori communities, rural agricultural water supplies, Federated Farmers and local authorities.

Our focus in the first year will be on transitioning drinking water suppliers previously registered under the Health Act. These suppliers must provide a drinking water safety plan that complies with the Water Services Act 2021 by 15 November 2022. In contrast, unregistered suppliers (operating immediately before 15 November 2021) will have up to four years to register and up to seven years to fully comply with the Water Services Act 2021.

To note: Ministry for the Environment is also currently running a consultation, which focuses solely on the protection of sources of drinking water. To have your say go to
Ministry for the Environment - Citizen Space

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Your feedback will help to inform our decisions on the content of the documents we are consulting on.

Submissions are open from 17 January to 28 March 2022. We encourage you to complete the online submission form for some or all of the documents below.

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